Workshops We Offer

Manifesting as a Spiritual Journey

Learn to use this powerful spiritual principal for your own success as well as the good of the planet. 

In this workshop you will learn a simple way to connect with that divine creative spark within you - the one that comes from Spirit.

You will leave this workshop with one delightful desire and a way to manifest that in your life over the next 21 days.

Your Destiny Vision

6 Woman in Field

Using our unique Soulsearch process, you will access a vision from your heart’s desire and walk away with a structure to guide you into creative action for the year to come.

Your Destiny Vision workshop provides a unique way to experience the vision in your heart and to access your long-held dream. It goes to a place most others miss.

We don’t have the answers… we know that you already have them for yourself. We provide the loving support, strong structures and sweet systems that you can use to access and manifest your vision.

Soul Searching to Heal, Grow and Expand

This workshop is ideal for teams, organizations or any group of people who want to come together to focus on a project, heal from a disruption or learn a new way to collaborate to achieve a purpose.

You will learn and use a soul searching process that is based on proven neuroscience and well-honed coaching techniques and tools.

It adds to that mix a spiritual component which generates trust in something greater than oneself that leads to a positive atmosphere and outcome.

Workshop participants will walk away with an understanding of what it takes to move forward with confidence and trust in both the individual contributions as well as the group collaboration to heal, grow and expand. 


It's Time for the Feminine to Lead

These workshops are all presented within a feminine paradigm: creative, collaborative, intuitive, connected, compassionate, nurturing, empowered and personally responsible.

This is a paradigm that honors the strength and wisdom of the creative feminine process.

We believe the universe is now calling for a profound shift in how we humans organize our world... from the dominant masculine to the collaborative feminine.

We'd love to have you join us.

Kat has a soft, steady and loving approach with her clients. This works a TREAT for me as I get to experience myself over and over again in so many different ways. Kat weaves her powerful gentle magic with me... fabulous!

Kate N.

Kat has an exceptional way of pulling out the truth to discover what’s really going on.  Her style is loving and firm. You feel supported for your highest good. She has integrity and comes from her heart. I highly recommend her work for anyone ready for personal growth and ready for the next stage of their life to take shape and blossom.

Ann M.

Thank you So much for your amazing visioning partnership. Your ability to hold space for both possibility and clarity is unparalleled. I am feeling super lucky to have you in my life

Abigail P.