Speaking, Sermons & Presentations

Do you have a community that could benefit from a fun and enlightening experience which will teach them how to create and lead their lives from the energy of love?

Would you like to have a spiritual transformational program that will help you lead with love and add huge value to your clients?

Do you have a board of directors, work team, personal growth group or an organization that would love to have some fun while learning how to lead with love, create dreams that come from the heart and stay on the path of creative action?

Kat Knecht's sermons, presentations and workshops deliver the goods!

Based on the Soulsearch process that is at the heart of our popular new book, we have an experience that your community will be talking about for years to come!

the Soulsearch Experience comes in many shapes and sizes depending on your needs and the outcome you desire. At its heart is a Sermon or Inspiring Talk that includes fun elements such as music, movement and is interactive and fun.

There is a companion workshop that can be as short as 2 hours and long as 2 days. We bring these along with our What is Your Loving Leader Role? Quiz, Easy to Use Workbook and our infamous card decks.

This ensures that everyone has fun while deepening their learning and taking a leadership role in their lives.

Find out how we can tailor our life-changing experience to enhance your community today.

Kat is a fabulous Truth student and minister who practices principle in her daily life. She is gifted with the talent to present Truth principles with simplicity, clarity and grace to those she encounters. Her ministry work at Unity of Ventura is highly regarded. Kat’s constant positive energy and wonderful sense of humor create a winning presence. I cannot recommend Kat enough as one of your guest speakers. I guarantee that she will be one of your shining experiences at your church.

Rev. Cathy Jean Norman