Our Alchemy Coaching Circles bring kindred spirits together every week to support each other, to learn new skills and to be coached on specific topics. You will find encouragement, love and fresh ideas being sparked in these lively conversations.

Members from all over the country come together on a teleconference line to share their challenges and achieve their dreams. It continually amazes us to witness the transformative power that emerges from the wisdom of a group.

This Circle experience is comprehensive and includes life-changing concepts, enlightening themes, exercises, accountability partnerships and audio recordings… all included with the weekly teleconference calls.

Kat or Curtis expertly guide members to access the wisdom of the group. Often one member will have just the right story or experience that others needed to hear that day. The Circle calls are win-win. You may have an issue that gets special attention, or you may be able to offer your insight and wisdom. The feeling of community and connection to other members is priceless.

The teleconference calls are 60 to 90 minutes each week. Circle numbers are kept small (7 or fewer) to optimize the engagement.