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Kat saves her life and Sheriff Charlie saves her soul. 

The Soul Search Book and Companion Card Deck

Thousands of self-help books and transformational training programs have been created to help you find fulfillment, live a better life and become prosperous.

The unique promise of the Soul Search is to integrate the common threads of New Thought philosophies and Ancient Wisdom traditions so that you can apply those spiritual principles to your everyday life.

the Soul Search is rich with stories that reveal both the journey and the results that come from using a practical tool guided by a spiritual philosophy.

There is a step by step process you can follow as well as a simple concept that, once learned, will change your life forever.

The stories are funny, inspirational, dramatic and rich with learning. They are the real life experiences of humans doing their best in a world that offers both challenges and opportunities to give and receive love in its many forms.

Here's a taste of the power of the book:


"With a gun to my head, I organized my thoughts to return to the energy of love. I have spent my life learning how to make choices from love and teaching others to do the same.

In some ways, it is easier to recognize our thinking when in dire straits.

The real challenge is when our own negative voices in our day to day lives hold a gun to our heads. That’s what makes the Soulsearch such a powerful tool for daily living.

theSoulsearch untangles and organizes your thinking like a detangling hair conditioner, so you become more loving and effective at achieving the results you want.

Don’t be alarmed. theSoulsearch doesn’t require you to learn any new way of thinking, just to organize the thoughts you already have."

- from Chapter 5, the Soul Search

What People Are Saying 

The Soulsearch will help you make meaning of – and attract – positive energy for life’s challenges. Anyone who seeks fulfillment in love and life will benefit immensely from the Soulsearch! – Stephen Tang, President & CEO, University City Science Center, Philadelphia, PA USA

Ever wondered why things don’t always turn out the way you’d like, no matter how many affirmations you say or how hard you try? theSoulsearch offers practical answers with real life stories in workable, down-to-earth terms. – Noelle C. Nelson, PhD, author of Happy, Healthy …Dead

theSoulsearch is truly a Magic Formula for your prosperity!” – Reverend Cathy Norman, Unity Church of Ventura

Clarity shines through as you navigate the Soulsearch process, which creates dynamic and inspiring results for a life you love! – Cheryl Sheehan, Health & Life Coach

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“Hands down the most entertaining step-by-step guide designed to help organize your thinking and your feel good, have healthier relationships and move forward in your life. Especially wonderful for those days when you get yourself into hot water.”

Laura L.

"Kat has an exceptional way of pulling out the truth and finding out what is really going on with the relationship you have with yourself! Her style is loving and firm; no coddling and yet you feel supported for your highest good for yourself and all involved. She is careful, has integrity and comes from her heart which are all attributes to be admired. I Highly recommend her work for anyone going through a challenging time, ready for personal growth and ready for the next stage of their life to take shape and blossom."

Ann M.