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I imagine that this is not the first message you have received this year that is trumpeting the NEW YEAR as a time for a fresh start. Before you dismiss me and move on, I would like to present you with my “New Years Vision” credentials.

I believe I was born with a natural ability to tune into that “other realm”, the one that can’t be named. I think of it as spiritual because it defies the logic of what we think of as “reality”. This ability to tune in, at times, means I can see the future for myself and others.

At other times, it means I get very clear signals about what to do. And sometimes, this ability really gets in my way because I can sense things that are not happy-making.

This ability has made New Year a special time for me. It is one of the rare occasions when there is a consensus that looking beyond everyday reality is acceptable.

Looking for new possibilities, to create fulfilling experiences, to make a dream come true.

To really make a dream come true requires listening to your heart. Tuning into your soul. What I think of as creating from dreamland.

A Vision of Children

I clearly remember one of the first times I consciously dipped into this realm. I was 22 years young. I was married and living in a great place with wonderful friends. My husband and I had jobs . In short, life was good. 

I sat in my yard one lovely fall day and allowed myself to dream. I didn’t have an agenda I just slipped into dreamland. I asked a question of spirit which was something like…what is my Destiny? (Yes…I have always liked to go deep!)

The answer came – clear as a bell – as it does when I really tune in to this realm with no agenda of my own. “Children….this is the time to have children.”

First, I argued, “What! Are you kidding?” This is a common occurrence when guidance comes that does not immediately make sense. “I’m too young. None of my friends have kids. I enjoy my freedom… and besides, I’m a party girl!”

And yet, the message felt so good. So I let go of my objections and allowed the feeling it brought to wash through me. This feeling I have come to think of as my “Destiny Vision Feeling”.

I knew it was right.

My daughter Laurel was born the following August. When I held her in my arms for the first time I had another “Destiny Vision”  experience that I have come to know well. It was like I had already done it before. It was meant to be and it WAS meant to be.

I never once regretted that choice even though it came with a bucketload of challenges.

Life is full of challenges.

A New Years Intention can be FUN!

One year, on New Year’s Eve sometime in the early 1990’s, I was on vacation with my dear friends, Janet and Vance. I had by this time developed a ritual for the occasion. We looked back at the year that was now done and named the highlights. Then I asked everyone to name an Intention for the year ahead.

Not a resolution or goal but an intention.

I will never forget how magical it felt when Vance, who is an engineer firmly rooted in linear creation, said, “I want to have more fun.”

He then declared it, “My intention is to have FUN!” And he did…it was his Destiny as a matter of fact! This intention led him to deepen his love of music and to begin a new adventure with sailing that changed his life forever.

I was on a roll now as I was also deepening my own conscious creation habits. A couple of years later, my best friend Corinne and I had developed our own New Year’s ritual of taking on something new each year that would help us better ourselves and our lives.

We had built up a lot of credibility with this ritual ever since our first year…1984… when, with a the dark sense of humor that we shared, we declared, “Anything But a Whore in Eighty Four!”

It was our intention to be financially successful in our work and continue to fulfill our roles as mothers of wee ones. And we were.

A Feminine Way to Work

I dipped into dreamland for guidance in ’84. I let go of my own agenda and received another clue about my Destiny Vision. That year I learned a new way to craft a career for myself that, in some way, is the same skill I use today to help other women create success for themselves. I wove together a tapestry of work that included working part time at a winery (it just so happened that Corinne landed a peach of a job running a winery) and starting my own baking business.

One of my happiest memories of this part of my Destiny Vision is how I was able to help Corinne and many other women friends of mine come together. We shared tips on childcare and cooked meals together, We helped out with childcare. We helped each other open up to new ways of working in the world that used our gifts, allowed us a joyful personal life and gave us the freedom we all loved.

This part of my vision continues to flourish, If you are at a crossroads with your work and would like to create your own Destiny Vision Work, check out my new program.

Feminine Success @ Work

So by 1997 when Corinne told me that her new year intention was to enhance her creativity, we both bought Julia Cameron’s book, The Artists Way, and I started morning pages which is a stream-of-consciousness writing… every day. That was a game-changer for me.

Beginning this everyday habit opened me up to my creativity and became my way of connecting to spirit. Every Day! I am starting year 21 this week.

In 2000, when I started my training as a life coach, I had another upleveling of my Visioning ability as well as another nudge in the direction of my Destiny Vision.

There was a visualization exercise in one of my courses called “The Future Self”. It was powerful! I learned then just how deeply a guided journey visualization could impact my life.

Almost Psychic

One day, I was experimenting with visioning on my own. I had attended a year-long program of spiritual training in which I learned to read souls. My own soul as well as other people’s souls.

One afternoon, I did the guided journey – to which I added a soul-reading twist – on myself… visualizing my life 5 years in the future. As I dipped into this alternative realm, I had a vision of myself in a house by the beach. There was a kitchen at the back of the house and in the kitchen were teenagers. “Teenagers?”

That did not jive with my idea of my future. I lived far from the beach. My kids were 17 and 20 at the time, finishing up their teens and, certainly, THEY were not going to be the parents of teenagers in five years!

Little did I know that, within the next five years, I would be living by the beach and married to a man who… you guessed it… had teenage children.

One of my first offerings as a life coach was something I called “Oracle Visioning” in which I brought my own visioning (and soul reading) ability to my clients. I learned to dip into dreamland the way I always had and hold the space for them to join me and see their own Destiny Visions.

What I learned in this process was how Visioning easily bypasses the linear mind’s limitations. Not everything in a vision is a “real-world truth” of what will happen. It is more like getting insights into what “is wanting to be created” as your life experience, strange as that may sound.

You have Magical Powers!

I believe everyone has the ability to do this. On your own (or with assistance) you too can tap into that inner realm where your life is continually being co-created with the universe.

I had the experience, just recently, of working with a client in my women’s program. In the guided visualization process, she saw something new about her work. One of those “Destiny Vision” insights. A new possibility presented itself.

What I love most about the Visioning process is how, when you get an insight and follow it up with inspired action, magic happens.

A New Reality

Her reality changed. Not five years later but 3 weeks later, she was acknowledged at her job in the way she had visualized. She got a raise and a nice bonus check as well!

The Visioning process is not just a feel-good exercise about the future. It’s a way to see the truth that always lives in dreamland. It is a way to be guided into creative action that will change your life. It is one of the most powerful conscious creation processes I know.

So today, as the New Year is just beginning, I encourage you to take time for your own Destiny Vision to reveal itself to you.

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