The Leaders In Love Program for Individuals & Couples

Be a Leader in the Creation of Your Own Love Story!

Whether you are single and seeking, engaged to be married or in a committed relationship looking for enhancement... this program will help you. It will take you through a process of discovery about your ideal relationship experience using a variety of exercises, stories, conversations and concepts.

It all begins with something we call Cleaning Out Your Relationship Closetso you get to know EXACTLY what you have, right now, as your inspiring foundation.

After that, we explore the interactions that are essential for you to experience in a romantic relationship in order for it to be fulfilling - the core values at the heart of every happy couple.

You will come to know exactly what your unique values are, not what you (or others) think they SHOULD be. Once known, you can honor them fully.

It is important to identify all the ways you get tangled and tripped up with your needs, wants, fears and negative thinking. This program helps you uncover your limited beliefs and learn to decipher and disempower the voice of your Relationship Saboteur(you know, that critical voice in your head that yammers on about "whats wrong, what will never work, how 'unrealistic' your dreams are", etc.). 

Then you get to take the time to name your true hearts desire and declare it to yourself and the universe. You will learn new ways to communicate and to create a vision for the future you most want to experience as a leader in love.

About This Program

"Developing my personal set of relationship values was incredibly helpful. Not only was it fun to take stock of what's important to me and put it into bitesize, catchy phrases with clear descriptions but it offered me language to use when clarifying my feelings and a way to navigate challenging decisions. Two years later I still feel like they are the foundation I use to approach any relationship."

J. L.