Is This The End?

I wrote the last Saturday Soulsearch a month ago.

After five plus years of writing a message every week, something happened when I sat down to write the next one.

I had intended to write a message about what I had learned during my Big House Move.

The Big House Move itself came about because one day I was getting ready to do some organizing in my office and I received a clear message of guidance.

“It’s time to move.”

It didn’t make logical sense to me at the time, but in my heart – in that moment – I knew that we were going to move.

I knew it would be right because of the feeling I had in my body. So I followed it. When I sat down three weeks ago to write the Saturday Soulsearch about all I learned during that move, I got a very similar message.

“It’s time to stop. Something has ended.”

I tried to push past that feeling, but it was as if my writing muse had disappeared.
The funny part was, just like with the house message, I had a really good feeling in my body along with the words in my mind:

“Just Stop”

Have you ever had that happen? Has guidance come through so clearly it stopped you in your tracks? Guidance that told you something had ended.

It’s like someone snuck into your psyche in the middle of the night and closed something down. Or perhaps like you graduated from a life experience class… just like that!

I have been sitting with this ending and wondering what was next. I decided not to write until I at least had a glimmer of what I would be doing instead… and how I would be connecting with you, my wonderful tribe!

Here is what I got. I am going to be playing with different forms of communication. Some video and pod-casting along with a written message that is more interactive.

Now that I am officially a Reverend, I feel like expressing more of my spiritual and irreverent side. Be a little more sassy. Have a little more fun.

I am feeling a great passion to talk about what we, you and I, are up to in our lives that is bringing more love, more joy and more insight about what matters most… into the world.

That is where I have the most clarity. My next iteration of this message will be aimed at those of you who want to make a positive difference in the world. Your own personal universe as well as the Universe we all enjoy together.

To guide my aim, I realize I need some guidance from you.

To open to your guidance, I will be sending out a survey on Monday. I want to hear what’s important to you.

What helps you navigate the hard places?

What’s the healing you need most?

What will help you find a solution to your gnarliest problems?

What will shine a light on your biggest dreams?

Will you take a moment on Monday morning to let me know what you care about and how we can co-create your next place of growth and expansion?

I hope so.

What I love about naming and honoring a true ending is what opens up as a new beginning.

I encourage you to pay attention to your own knowing about what is at an end for you.

Even when it doesn’t make sense!

Trust in that wise voice that will guide you into something new.

For this ending of mine, I want to let you know how much I appreciate the time you take to read this message.

And a big “Thank You” for doing your part to be a loving presence on this planet.

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