Full Power Open Heart

I am writing this message today on a beautiful sunny morning in my new home!

I have learned more than I ever imagined during the last few weeks as Curtis and I traveled uncharted territory between the known of our beloved house in Ventura to the purchase of our dream home in Ojai.

The lessons were, at times, profound… at other times, painful… and, luckily, some were hysterically funny! I have not settled enough yet into my new space to be able to relay what I have learned.

I believe I need to allow the lessons to take root before relaying the essence to anyone else. What came to me this morning, though, was a memory of another morning a long, long time ago.

I was preparing to make a somewhat similar journey from a known home to one that was just up the street… but was also a big leap of faith toward a dream home.

I was doing my morning writing, wondering if I was making a mistake and asking for guidance. The guidance that came was simple.

Full Power Open Heart

It was guidance that felt true and a bit scary… as guidance often does!

Full Power, to me, means to stand fully in my own power.

Open Heart seemed simple enough, but putting the two together was new for me then… and, even decades later, it is a vulnerable act.

Open Heart Full Power requires that I look inside and trust in my own knowing.

It is not a power that has any interest in winning or losing. Full Power Open Heart is not about domination or control.

It is the loving power that takes life minute-by-minute, trusting in a higher power and the goodness of the world.

As I face the known unknown today… living in a new place… I realize there are many unknown unknowns awaiting me each and every day.

It brings me peace, and makes me smile, to remember this message that came so long ago.

As long as I stand in my Full Power with an Open Heart, I will find my way.

This weekend, I encourage you to open your heart and feel the full power of who you really are.

In your own known, or unknown, place in the world.

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