Don’t Miss The Boat!

I will never forget the moment that year when I realized we had really missed the boat. Missed the boat, missed the mark, gone off course, truly failed to create our vision or reach our goals.

One of the traditions Curtis and I have as part of our visioning process is to look back at the past year over the New Year’s Day holiday. We begin this ritual by getting out our vision boards, goals and commitments from the past year. I was looking at these displayed on the kitchen table and my heart just sank.

A knot began to form in my stomach. How could this be?!

I am usually pretty good at staying on track with a vision. I love setting out to achieve something, especially if it is something I really care about on a soul level. What I saw when I looked at what was on the table was that I had not only failed to achieve some heartfelt goals but I had gone unconscious somewhere along the way.

That was what really hurt.

Curtis and I took a little trip up the coast that day to kick off our visioning process. As we headed out, I looked at the beautiful ocean alongside the highway. The sun was shining and all looked right with the world. In the car, though, was silence.

How was I going to begin this conversation? I am usually the one that accentuates the positive. I love to highlight what went well and all the successes. This time I couldn’t go there. Instead, when Curtis asked what I thought about the past year, I said three words.

“I am disappointed.”

That may not sound too dramatic but, coming from me, it was a bombshell. The atmosphere in the car turned heavy and sad. There were no objections coming from my husband… just the kind of silence that comes when the hard truth has been spoken.

We began to unpack the disappointment that I had felt when looking at our vision and goals in the kitchen. As we continued our drive up the coast, I noticed some relief coming into the conversation as we pinpointed the failures.

We were telling the truth and the truth really does set you free… even when it sucks.

We had missed the boat all right. With the operative word here being MISSED. We had missed the clues that were alerting us that we were off course. Way off! We missed the moments when we could have changed course. We missed the opportunities to reassess and integrate new information and include unexpected challenges.

When Curtis and I returned from our trip up the coast, we took the time for a long look at what had happened. Here is what we found.

We had a financial agreement that was central to our vision and goals. It had been drastically altered in the early spring. It was a pretty big shock at the time… out of our control and unexpected. When it happened, instead of taking stock and redoing our plan, rearranging our vision, we bulled forward.

Instead of facing reality, we stuck our heads in the sand. This took us off-course in everything we did!

Instead of accepting the change, anchoring in the new reality, aligning with Spirit & our highest good… and then course correcting…  we went unconscious.

That’s really the choice we all face, isn’t it? To accept what’s true or to go to sleep. 

Creating a life from a Vision and making commitments to achieve your dreams is not for sissies! It takes courage and it is a loving and vulnerable act. For this very reason, we never know what’s going to happen next!


Yet, having what I call a Destiny Vision will keep you on track… it’s a vision that comes from your soul, is guided by spirit, evolves as you learn and grow and is a way to stay on the path of your heart. It keeps you tuned into what you want now, what spirit wants for you and the experiences that will truly light you up to use your greatest gifts in service of something bigger than yourself.

AND, as I said, you don’t know what is going to happen next, so living a life from a vision means you have to stay engaged. You have to stay tuned into your inner guidance system. You need to cultivate a relationship with spirit by cultivating daily rituals that quiet the mind and allow your soul to speak. You need to listen and adjust your thoughts and actions accordingly.

You always need to course correct.

Here is a three-step process I have found helps to remember this

Connect… Detect … Course Correct

Connect with spirit, your own inner wisdom

Detect by asking questions of yourself and spirit and listening for the answers. You will know the truth by how it sets you free.

Course Correct with this new information… adjust your expectations, let go of how you thought it should go, ask for guidance on what is next and then set sail.

Don’t miss the boat like we did that year. It was a painful waste of our time and energy. We learned the hard way how much effort it takes to get back on course after going unconscious. If you want to live a visionary life, it requires staying in tune and accepting those things that are hard to accept.

People may let you down; you may make a mistake that is costly; challenges come out of the blue; opportunities come that require growing in ways that may be uncomfortable.

I promise you this, though. If you create a vision for your life this year and commit to staying engaged in a way that nourishes you spiritually, physically and emotionally… I promise you will not be disappointed.

When you look back this time next year, you will be thrilled.

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