Our Story

We have created our life together from a vision that we had early on in our relationship. This vision is supported by a foundation of shared core values… our Relationship Values.

We live from our vision. We bring the learning from our personal experience and professional wisdom into the world through our work. Kat has a wealth of spiritual wisdom and practical skills as a certified coach and minister in training. Curtis draws upon his decades as a licensed psychotherapist and certified coach. We integrate these worlds with our personal experience and bring it all into the Soulsearch.

Our belief is that the practice of shifting ourselves from fear to love as individuals and a couple has far-reaching impact in the world. Sharing this with you is our mission and joy.

We delight in our blended family of four grown children. Curtis grew up in San Francisco during the ‘60s while Kat is a Midwestern girl whose roots are in Ohio and Michigan. Curtis’s role model is Atticus Finch. Kat admires Annie Oakley and Annie’s marriage with Frank Butler.

We run this business together. Kat inhabits the role of the Soulsearch CEO, Creative Director and Intuitive Visionary… while Curtis keeps things humming as President and Director of Daily Operations. Our team consists of Jessi as our Membership Director, Beth as our Scheduling Coordinator and others without whom this business would not be the “happily ever after” work of our hearts.

About the Soulsearch Method

This is Our baby

As a lifelong seeker, Curtis has always appreciated the value of looking deep within to discover the truth inherent in all aspects of our lives. As a lifelong “Alchemist”, Kat has always known how to turn lead into gold in real life.

Together we have created a transformational process we call the Soulsearch that, when used well, empowers people to move mountains, overcome challenges, manifest dreams, facilitate co-creative planning for teams, couples & communities and untangles their thinking to bring clarity to any circumstance.

We have evolved the Soulsearch from our combined lifetime experience and training… and refined it into its current form over the past 5 to 7 years. We use it in our own lives and with many, many clients.

Our book, the Soulsearch: an everyday spiritual practice using a sequential way of thinking to transform your life, will be out in early 2016. This tool is at the heart of all we do, overtly or subtly. We have integrated its principles into our programs, circles and private coaching sessions.

We believe in personal growth, the power of love (no matter what) and taking personal responsibility for co-creating our lives with a friendly and responsive Universe. This takes clear thinking which is what results from using the Soulsearch.

We believe that each of us possess the wisdom necessary to living a fulfilling life, that what makes a difference is our everyday commitment to self awareness, integrity and practicing what we preach.

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I have been working with Kat Knecht as my Life Coach. And since I started working with Kat I have found that I am getting more and more value out of my life and my relationships… intimate, family and friendships.. I have more life tools for fun open and honest communication. I have a much better understanding of myself and what is important to me. I have set goals and achieved them… I have the love of my life – Chris – the best relationship I have ever had. The quality of my life has risen higher than I could have known… I am a very satisfied and happy client of Kat’s and I highly recommend her if you want a great life and a great relationship.

Kate Nash