The purpose of these transformational coaching groups is to bring women together to learn tools and engage in an ongoing experiential conversation which:


Connects you with your higher self

Invites & supports authentic self-expression

Empowers your relationships

Helps create prosperous, heart-based work

Cultivates growth of your feminine power and personal leadership

Allows you to let your hair down and be held to a high standard in a safe & courageous community of kindred spirits

The Feminine Way

To stay on the path of your unique and wise heart, you need a supportive community that keeps you grounded in the feminine way of creation.

The feminine way is collaborative, in community, caring as much about the amount of love given and received as we do about what we accomplish.

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How It Works

There are 4 Alchemy Coaching Circles.

Each has a primary focus but all include a woman's whole life.

Tuesday 2:30 pm PST: Women’s Alchemy@ Work

A primary focus on women succeeding in their work (while maintaining a balanced & joyful personal life).

Wednesday 8:30 am PST: Women’s Relationship Alchemy

A primary focus on women succeeding in their relationships (while fully expressing themselves in their work and life).

Wednesday 12 pm PST: Women’s Life Alchemy

A primary focus on fully engaging in work they love and creating fulfilling relationships (while enjoying all life offers).

New!! Date & Time TBD: Women's Alchemy w/Spirit

A primary focus on women using spiritual principles and concepts to enhance their prosperity in work, love and as a way of life.

All Groups Focus on Growing Personal Leadership on a Spiritual Path.  

There are seasonal themes such as January’s “Intention for the Year” as well as monthly themes such as “Values”, “Cleaning out Your Closet” and “The Big Conversation”.

Themes bring about personal growth and spiritual awareness. They bring a higher level of consciousness to each call as well as structure the learning between calls.

Also, they help integrate the experience of the circle into everyday life.

Added Bonuses!!

Chat with Kat!  

As an Alchemy Circle participant, you also have Kat Chats available to you.  The Kat Chats are 15-minute phone calls you can schedule when you want to deepen your learning or share an issue privately. These Chats can also be used simply to connect and celebrate something happy-making!

Join more than one Circle at no extra charge!

If, on any given week, you have a scheduling conflict with your group call time, you can join one of the other calls. You may also want to do this on a regular basis to mix it up with more women or if you want to focus on both your personal life and your work..

Women’s Alchemy Circles (Requires a 3 month initial commitment)
$150/month – Subscription

Kat’s Alchemy Circle Women once made up some limericks about the Circles. Here are three:

There’s a group of women that meet each week
It’s to open our hearts to love that we seek
We find so much more with each opening door
Changing our worlds as we speak

There once was a gal named Kat
Who taught women about this and about that
Joyous laughter & tears that would help us for years
Offering so much more than a chat

There once was a gal named Ann
Who after learning from Kat now says, “I can!”
She has overcome fears, which used to bring her to tears
And now lives life to the fullest… Oh Man!

Alchemy Circle Women

Being in this group has been very powerful, especially the clarity that comes each week. The Connection to my gifts and getting to hear everyone else’s. The Support is huge. I’ve had a very abundant year, and I don’t think it’s any accident that I’m in the Circle and a lot of amazing things are in my life. I’m getting to Access my gifts, and what I do in this world, and getting clear on it. Kat has been an amazing support for that. Thank you.

Jodi B.