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Our Philosophy

We believe that the practice of shifting our thinking into the energy of love has far-reaching impact in the world. As individuals, as leaders and as a couple, teaching this practice is our mission and joy.

It is not a coincidence that we met at a transformational leadership program! We each have had a lifelong desire to make a positive difference in the world and we bring that to the work we do as leaders of this community.

Together we have created a spiritual practice and navigation creation tool that we call the Soulsearch that, when used well, empowers people to lead with love and succeed at a life of meaningful work and personal fulfillment.

We know it works because it was specifically developed for this ONE purpose and has helped us and our tribe experience magical, exciting, consistent results that integrate work and play.

It’s also a  powerful practice to use for challenges, when manifesting dreams and when you want to have a positive impact as a leader of  your heart-based community. This practice empowers you to use your authentic voice and play full out with your unique and much-needed wisdom.

Our book, the Soulsearch, holds our philosophy and outlines the spiritual practice which is at the heart of all we do.

We believe in taking personal responsibility for living from the energy of love in partnership with a friendly and responsive Universe. We believe we need to live it to give it... that we can’t truly lead from love unless we are living it 24 by 7.

So that’s what we do.

Kat's Bio

I began my career as a Spiritual Leader when I was 7 years old. Sitting in the field beside my house one day, I asked God why some people were so unhappy.

A real voice answered (no kidding),“Your job on this earth is to teach people about love and how to have what they want in life”.


From that day on, I have pursued this with a passion. From my original dream of becoming either a missionary or an actress, I have crafted a career that is grounded in Spirit as I tune into a channel that broadcasts what’s in others’ hearts and souls.

As a spiritual leader, I teach, write, and perform on life’s stage… and, as the voice predicted so long ago, I teach people about love and how to manifest from the heart.

I have faced many challenges in my life including the death of my mother when I was young, being kidnapped as a teenager and leaving a 20 plus year marriage in my 40’s.

I have learned a ton through the school of hard knocks and delightful surprises as well as the training noted below.

  • Maryland Acupuncture Institute’s School of Philosophy in Action
  • Certified by the Coaches Training Institute & International Coach Federation
  • Christen McCormack’s Spirit School
  • ORSC – Organization & Relationship Systems Coach
  • Certification Leader for the Coaches Training Institute
  • Ordained Interfaith & Unity Minister
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Curtis's Bio

I read a book by Sigmund Freud when I was 14 and hardly understood a word (libidinal cathexis...huh?) but I knew he was onto something. I mainly grew up reading mountains of mystery and detective stories... both kinds of books, I believe, point to my lifelong quest to discover & navigate the mysteries of the human spirit.

This quest has led me into some unusual places, both personally and professionally, where I have found myself “operating way over my head” and paying the price of lessons learned… from divorces, getting fired, feuding with family members, investing foolishly, trusting untrustworthy people, believing I was unworthy and being triggered countless times into unnecessary, urgent limbic reactivity.

My saving graces have been a high value for learning from my life experience, a rock-solid personal integrity, a sense of humor (particularly when it comes to myself) and a deep respect for what’s true and good in the world.

I’ve also been blessed with a brilliant wife who both loves me and tells me the truth. I highly recommend this combination.

As my mother said when she toasted my marriage to Kat, “Curtis, you are what we used to call a “Slow Learner”… but when you finally learn something, you get it right.”

Well, she’s my mother and knows me best… and I agree that I am finally “getting it right” with my marriage, my self worth, the value I deliver in my work and being a part of an amazing family and community. It’s a sweet and edgy place to be.

I have studied, trained and worked for many decades as a seeker of truth, a psychotherapist and a life & relationship coach.

Among my credits are the following:

  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist by the state of California, License #12725, a career that began with licensing in 1978 and continues as a lifelong learning and growing experience to this day. This is healing work.
  • Certified Professional CoActive Coach since 2001, working with individuals, relationships and families. This is creative, personal growth work.
  • ORSC – Organization & Relationship Systems Coach, since 2002, working with an executive or two and their teams. This is powerful work with the “third entity” that lives within systems.
  • Coaches Training Institute Leadership Program Graduate, since 2002, which began my journey on the road of intentional leadership, and has informed my leadership in roles such as:
  • Clinical Director of the Southern California area of the Counseling & Psychotherapy Center’s Sex Offender Treatment Program
  • President of the Board of Trustees for Unity of Ventura Church
  • President of the Board of Trustees for All Children Great & Small Preschool
  • Founding Board Member of the Los Angeles Chapter of the International Coach Federation

Being the father to Emily and Nathan and step-father to Laurel and Devon are perhaps the most important of all the roles I’ve taken on… flawed though I may be, my heart is always filled with love for these kids.

I think of myself as a man who has always followed a spiritual path in everything. Not religious... no dogma or judgmental crap... by spiritual I mean of high purpose... honoring core values like integrity, intimacy, laughter & illumination... surrendering to the wisdom of the human spirit, humbled by life's continuous lessons... abiding by the invisible laws that govern our creativity and become the fabric of our life experience. What I call the "Ugga Bugga" stuff of life.