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It all started when my business consultant, Jeff, who is a wildly intuitive guy, suggested I “up” my networking activities.

I had slacked off for a couple of years…

First when I went to seminary to be ordained as an interfaith minister. Then I took about a year to reconvene and integrate my new identity into my work.

I had a big “aha” about half way through this integration process that my new work was helping women just like me! Women who wanted to be prosperous in their work as entrepreneurs and had reached a crossroads in their life. They were on the verge of creating something brand new. 

Most of us find ourselves at many crossroads as we move through life. Have you noticed that? If you keep learning and growing on a spiritual path, this is inevitable.

Crossroads can appear out of nowhere. Some crossroads we create because our soul is yearning for greater self expression and our lights are shining brighter than ever.

That is a wonderful and scary place to be… as I have discovered in the past year. I can no longer stay in my comfort zone, much as I like it here!

So I have begun walking down a new road in my work and in my life.

I am creating programs specifically for spiritual women who want to grow in their personal leadership and succeed on their own terms, with a big emphasis on that last phrase. It’s pretty darn cool, if I do say so myself.

There is a “But” here… did you see it coming?

There usually is a “But” involved when you walk down a new fork in the road and especially when you take a completely new path. There are messy times and lots of creative goo. Fear rises and the saboteurs will be close by trying to keep you safe.

I walked that path to create coaching programs that come directly from my learning as well as the wisdom of so many who have walked before me.

This takes me back to that moment with Jeff.

He has been by my side for about a year as I’ve integrated my old and new ways of working. He knows me pretty well so I knew he was dead on when he told me it was time to put myself out there once again. I am no stranger to networking. I had my own networking group for many years and I loved the connections I made and the business that came my way.

I felt a bit rusty. It had been a while. I had a new program that was mine. Vulnerable. My fears rose at the thought of coming out with my new program. My stuff… out there for others to judge. Ooooo… ever felt that? 

Then, I had an “Aha” moment on the way to my first networking meeting. I would trust myself and Spirit to guide me. I would walk my friggin talk since this is what I preach and what I teach!

One thing that I remembered right away when I decided to trust myself was the simple truth that I love people. That’s all that really matters. Just find people I like and have fun. Okay. 

Before I left for this networking event, I wrote a proposal to offer my new Soulsearch workshop to a local organization. I hit ‘send’ and then off I went. As I walked into the networking room, I saw some women I knew but their tables were full.

I kept looking and found myself drawn to one particular table that was about half full. That’s another insight I had. As well as loving people, and liking fun, I also have killer intuition… when I listen to it! Have you found your intuition is amazing…when you listen? My intuition was guiding me to this table. I listened. 

I sat down and looked at the woman next to me. She looked nice enough so I struck up a conversation. I introduced myself and she got a funny look on her face. “I just got an email from you,” she told me with a startled kind of tone to her voice.

It turns out she was the woman in charge of events at the organization I had just contacted about my workshop. I kid you not! We had a great chat and I told her all about the workshop. I was also able to edify her during the meeting because I love her organization.

As fate would have it, another woman sitting at the table happened to be a former client of mine. She told the whole room that she would never have met and fallen in love with her husband if it weren’t for me. That made me smile. I know I helped, but she did the hard work of self-discovery. Seeing her so happy was a huge joy.

Believe it or not, there is more to this story so stay with me. Once you begin something by trusting in yourself and in Spirit, wondrous things await you.

A couple days later my intuition guided me to another event.

This one was a workshop by my dear friend, Kate Nash. It was not at all a convenient time for me to attend that Saturday. I had something else pressing but I just knew it was the right thing to do. Intuition told me so. 

During the workshop, we did an exercise where we had to commit to one action that would move us closer to our goal. My goal was to grow my business and my action was to ask my friend, Brad, to help me.

Brad and I have been a great source of business support to each other for over 10 years. Besides that… I love Brad!! So this was a great commitment. A couple weeks went by, though, and I hadn’t reached out. 

Then came a phone call from a women inviting me to a marketing event. It was a pretty big deal of an event and quite pricey. She invited me to join them for no cost at all and I could invite a friend at very low cost! Well, here was another networking opportunity and my guidance said, “Go!”

I got the idea to have dinner with Brad, as the event was in Los Angeles where he lives. Then I got really inspired and invited him to come to the event with me and he said YES! I have to admit right about then I almost felt overwhelmed. Brad is the best person in the world to share a learning experience with. 

Sometimes, when I’m on a roll like this, I notice a feeling of “Too good to be true” that dampens my spirit. I caught it this time and simply gave thanks, great gobs of gratitude, for it all. That saboteur voice quieted down.

Well, Brad and I had a ball together at the event. We not only helped each other (as always), we learned a ton, had buckets of fun and signed up to take a year long class together!

There were a few other fun things that happened at that event. A women with whom I had a lively conversation turned out to be in my husband’s Toastmasters Club and she gushed about what a great guy he is. That was fun!

I ran into one of my students from the Coaches Training Institute where I am a leader. That was fun!

I reconnected with an old colleague whom I hadn’t seen in a decade. That was fun!

I also saw a woman with whom I have never resonated and who is very connected to people it might be good for me to know. I decided not to talk to her at all. That was fun!  

This is how manifesting works.

I know it, I know it, I know it, and yet… it is still such a treat when I get shown so clearly to simply trust myself, trust Spirit and keep walking my path.

I suggest you give this simple recipe a try for yourself today! If you need some support, check out my new programs or drop me a line and let me know how this works for you.

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