Take the Quiz to Discover Your “Loving Leader Role”!

Discover the authentic role that allows you to play full out as a leader in your own life. This is the role that ignites your divine spark and empowers you to lead with love.

Hello, we are Kat & Curtis Knecht.

We know it takes courage to stand in a leadership role in your life and succeed in making a positive difference in this world.

It’s never been needed more than now!

Letting go of the old masculine leadership paradigm – lone wolf, win at any cost, look good, control everything – means you are moving into the unknown, and that requires facing your fear.

Then you can step confidently onto the feminine path of success: collaboration, creativity and trusting your inner wisdom to guide you on the path of your heart.

the Soulsearch is the “Google” of your inner world. It is a spiritual practice that continually shifts you out of fear into love. It is also a manifesting tool that searches to find the gold within. This search will help you listen to your innate wisdom and to create and lead from the powerful energy of love.


Your leadership is needed in the world

Discover the power of your personal leadership that allows you to serve others and stay true to yourself as you travel the path of your heart.

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“Being in this group has been very powerful, especially the clarity that comes each week. I’ve had a very abundant year and I know that it’s due to Kat’s guidance and support. I joined this circle so that I would be held accountable for bringing my gifts into the world. I knew I needed a support system so I could keep moving forward bit-by-bit. Kat has helped me step into my life in a bigger and more authentic way and for that I am deeply grateful.”

Jodi Bogart

“Kat has an exceptional way of pulling out the truth and finding out what is really going on with the relationship you have with yourself! Her style is loving and firm; no coddling and yet you feel supported for your highest good for yourself and all involved. She is careful, has integrity and comes from her heart which are all attributes to be admired. I Highly recommend her work for anyone going through a challenging time, ready for personal growth and ready for the next stage of their life to take shape and blossom.”

Ann McKillican

“Hands down the most entertaining step-by-step guide designed to help organize your thinking and your actions…to feel good, have healthier relationships and move forward in your life. Especially wonderful for those days when you get yourself into hot water.”

Laura Lallone