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The world is calling us to search our souls to bring the best into our lives and relationships. Whether it’s making a change in your personal life or how you show up at work, having a high level of support on your journey ensures the best results. It also enhances the experience and elevates your joy factor.

To achieve this, we offer you our NEW book and card deck along with a variety of transformational services in the context of a community of kindred spirits.

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Kat & Curtis

“We are Kat & Curtis Knecht, a married couple on a spiritual and transformational path together. We are the guides of the Soulsearch Community.

We use our years of training and experience as certified life and relationship coaches (both of us), licensed therapist (Curtis), minister-in-training (Kat), and lifelong learners (both of us)… to support you in transforming your life.

Over the past decade, we have developed a tool, which we named the Soulsearch, that taps into the wisdom within each of us. Call it your “soul”, your “higher self”, your “core values”, your “essential spirit”, or your “inner wise person” … if you are a kindred spirit, you know what we mean by these words. We believe the wisdom from our souls is the best guide in our lives.

About Curtis & Kat

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Kat has a special talent for really seeing people and helping to draw out their talents and strengths. She has inspired me to lead my best life and has helped me to create a vision for my future that really speaks to my values, goals, and honors my truest self. She is not a therapist– she is truly a life coach, and I am so thankful she has touched my life.


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