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The Big Conversation Episode #3

I learned many years ago that speaking into a microphone was happy-making for me. It happened when I auditioned for my first radio show. I just started talking and it felt so natural and fun. For a while now I have wanted to experiment with doing video since it has become such a popular medium for folks to watch.

I kept putting it off until I was alerted to how unpredictable life is last fall. My nephew, who is in his early thirties, had a stroke. For a short time they didn’t know if he would recover or, if he did, how much he would recover. Driving down to visit him, when there was still a question mark like that, shook me up big time.

It shook me up enough that I busted through my fear and just did it.

On the way to visit him in the hospital, I pulled out my phone and made a video about love. I called it The Love Bomb Show. It felt like a bomb of love was going off inside me. It seemed like an accurate but goofy name… which is important to me. So much of what I care about in this world can get deadly serious in a heartbeat.

The paradox I see is that seriousness shuts you down instead of bringing you alive.

I think what we need more of in this world is LOVE and silliness. PEACE and getting a little crazy. HAPPINESS and not giving a damn about how you look or how you think other people are thinking about you or how you should behave.

In the middle of the podcast part of this blogcast, I decided to change the name from Lead with Love (a very serious and important name, don’t you think?) to The Love Bomb.

I want to bring a message that is spiritual and fun, inspiring and amusing, important and irreverent all at the same time. Are you with me?

I say we do this thing together. Mix it up a bit. Express your true nature and let your freak flag fly.  What do you have to let go of to have your own Love Bomb go off?

Ready… Set… Go!


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