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An Important  Message for Inspirational  Leaders:

Discover a Fun and Enlightening Personal Growth Practice that Has the Power to Bring You More Clarity, Direction and Choice in the area of your heart based work.

…Supporting You as a Leader and Improving Your Life On So Many Levels!

Read on to see how to put this empowering, life changing training course into action…

Dear Inspirational Leader,

First of all, we want to personally thank you for your heart based leadership. Loving and courageous leaders like you are rare. We are grateful there are people like you who are willing to do the work it takes to bring an inspiring vision and purpose into the world. People who care about bringing a message based in love.

Unfortunately, too often the people who others go to for guidance and support, such as life coaches, spiritual leaders, or other types of heart based leaders don’t spend nearly enough time or energy on their own self-nourishment and growth which is a part of a fulfilling life. They don’t take the time to explore new spiritual learning that would make it easy to bring new and exciting concepts to their community.


That’s easy. Because they’re too busy helping people! Their work calendar is full and they have many responsibilities at home. By the end of the day they don’t have the energy to add one more thing to their full plate.

This is understandable and even admirable… helping others is one of the most fulfilling experiences there is in life.

AND……There is truth to the phrase “It’s lonely at the top”. You help others because you know a lot and have a strong spiritual belief system, you have attended a myriad of transformational programs, and you have helped others achieve their dreams with your own leadership, yet you can’t always get the high level of support you need to make these things work for YOU.

What would it be like to learn a spiritual practice that comes with a high level of support for you and easy ways to bring something new to your community. The high level of support for your leadership and your own heart based needs!

You may have pain in your personal relationships, be burned out at work because your heart is just not in it, or you might be struggling to do good work in the world, make more money and have more fun!

You may have become stressed and resentful, you might even feel hopeless. You begin to lose sight of what’s most important—your spiritual leadership fueled by your own well being and peace of mind.

If any of this is hitting close to home, then you’re in luck, because we’re going to show you how to take all the things you’ve learned about helping others and elegantly incorporate it into your OWN life—with results that are truly transformative.

The couples I work with come from a wide variety of spiritual and cultural backgrounds and beliefs. The one thing they have in common is their desire to have a wedding ceremony that reflects who they are in a way they will always remember.

I have a special talent for writing a ceremony that is exactly right for each couple. I put them at ease before and during the ceremony and I make sure the experience is fun while it illuminates what is in their hearts.

Cura te ipsum: “Physician heal thyself”

This old adage has applications far outside the medical profession. It applies to leaders like you!

The fact is, before you can fully help others, your followers, the community you serve, the people in your life who look up to you, you must first look within to insure that  your own life is what you want it to be. That you are in integrity with your own beliefs and values. That you are moving forward toward your own dreams.

  • Maybe you’re too close to your own challenges to realize how they might be impacting you and those you serve.
  • Maybe your vision feels unattainable or too “out there” for a leader like you.
  • Maybe you’re missing some key building blocks, pieces of your foundation that can lead you to a higher level of consciousness and be a more authentic and shining example for others.
  • Maybe once you identify and address these challenges you can start to methodically and deliberately create a more loving, fulfilling experience in your own life on a daily basis. And then take this to those you lead.

That’s what the Soulsearch Training Course is all about—Showing you how to listen to your own heart and soul so you can better lead others! Training you in a spiritual practice you can bring to your own community with confidence.

In this robust, comprehensive 6-month program we cover everything you need to retrain your thought process so you can use your highest level of creativity and power. You will also be able to bring this learning in one of many easy to use forms and put your training to use  for those you lead.

When this happens, everybody wins:

You win because you will be enjoying positive, life altering transformations in your life. You will have greater access to your inner wisdom, creativity and resourcefulness. You will succeed in areas you care about the most.

Your loved ones win because you will be more present, loving,  authentic, balanced and just plain happier!

Your community wins because you will be taking your new knowledge, awareness and consciousness and bringing them a new spiritual practice that will change their lives forever.

The Soulsearch Training Course is for people who want to make a positive difference in the world and know that in order to do that the must create from the energy of love.

Let’s take a look at the Soulsearch Training Modules:

Module One

Use the Soulsearch to inhabit the vision you have for yourself as a leader with an inspiring message for others as well as the vision of how you want to grow and expand into more and more joy personally.

 Module Two

Learn the Soulsearch practice as a manifestation and creation tool. By the end of Module Two you will have an understanding of the tangles that have hindered you in the past and have your feet in the ground you want to grow in love and leadership for the future. Once you have an understanding of this practice and have seen the positive results you are ready for Module Three.

Module Three

The Soulsearch 90 Day Challenge!

In order to change the way your brain works, to have a new way to create from the energy of love you need to make this a habit. Practicing the Soulsearch everyday for 90 days will bring you the lasting change in your work as a heart based leader. The added bonus of having the Soulsearch as a habit is the results for you personally! You will be at peace with who you are, have a confidence that is relaxed, while enjoying the journey we call life.

Once you have completed the Soulsearch Training Course you are eligible to be certified as a Soulsearch Coach and use this life-changing practice and all the products and materials that we have created to support you and enhance all that you offer to your community.

Kat & Curtis did a fabulous job leading everyone through their visionary process. It was powerful and fun!  What's so great about their Soulsearch process is that I got to see what I'm already doing to move in the direction of my vision.  I also got in touch with some limiting beliefs and I now have new tools so that I don't get stuck in fear.  During the workshop, I made a commitment to draw everyday and I'm proud to say that I've honored my commitment!  Being connected to my creativity everyday has brought more joy into my life and it keeps me moving towards my vision.

Jodi B.

Participation in the Soulsearch Vision workshop got me moving to living my best life.

Vivian S.

the Soulsearch Vision Workshop with Kat & Curtis was one of the most amazing experiences. To feel the energy, and hear the hopes, dreams and challenges that everyone is working on, is so powerful. There's a unique power in a group setting like the one they facilitated and I can't wait for them to do another!

Aimee A.

the Soulsearch Vision Workshop is a magical experience. Kat and Curtis are masters in creating the space for self-exploration and discovery.  Highly recommend.

Ann M.