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“Women’s Alchemy @ Work” Coaching Program

Are you a woman with a heart-based business? Would you like support in using your unique voice to deliver a message to the world? How about using your feminine power in ways that bring you financial success?

What would it be like to honor your highest values in your work, feel at peace within yourself and to enjoy the journey… all at the same time?

There are many, many programs that promise to help you grow your business and experience financial success.

The only problem with these promises is they ignore the fact that making heart-based work real, while truly enjoying the journey, takes a lot of support, effort and growth.

The Feminine Path to Success

To stay on the path of your unique and wise heart, you need a spiritual practice that keeps you on track. You also need to factor in the feminine way of creation.

The feminine way is collaborative, in community, caring as much about the amount of love given and received as we do about the bottom line.

You Are Unique

A heart-based business has special qualities and considerations that don’t always fit into a traditional or even a non-traditional business plan!

You want to be authentic in your work and in all areas of your life. You want freedom to express the parts of yourself that may have been suppressed for so long. You need heart-based support that works.

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My Promise to You

When you enroll in my “Woman’s Alchemy @ Work” program, you will learn the Soulsearch process and discover your own unique answers to the WHAT, WHY and HOW of your path to success.

If you promise to do the necessary work, I guarantee you will become the leader you have always dreamed of becoming, while growing into the person you most want to be.

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For Ventura County, California Residents

This Program includes in-person meetings, private coaching phone sessions and “Stay on Track” Group Calls. Accountability Chats are available as needed.

For Anywhere in the World

This Program includes virtual meetings, private coaching sessions and “Stay on Track” Group Calls. Accountability chats are available when needed.


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Women’s Alchemy Circles (Requires a 3 month initial commitment)
$150/month – Subscription

Kat’s Alchemy Circle Women once made up some limericks about the Circles. Here are three:

There’s a group of women that meet each week
It’s to open our hearts to love that we seek
We find so much more with each opening door
Changing our worlds as we speak    

There once was a gal named Kat
Who taught women about this and about that
Joyous laughter & tears that would help us for years
Offering so much more than a chat    

There once was a gal named Ann
Who after learning from Kat now says, “I can!”
She has overcome fears, which used to bring her to tears
And now lives life to the fullest… Oh Man!

Alchemy Circle Women

Being in this group has been very powerful, especially the clarity that comes each week. The Connection to my gifts and getting to hear everyone else’s. The Support is huge. I’ve had a very abundant year, and I don’t think it’s any accident that I’m in the Circle and a lot of amazing things are in my life. I’m getting to Access my gifts, and what I do in this world, and getting clear on it. Kat has been an amazing support for that. Thank you.

Jodi B.