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The Big Conversation Episode #2

Have you ever noticed that some things take much longer than you expect? For me, it seems that there are experiences, especially the ones I most seek to have, that take WAY longer than I think they should. I have always loved to tell stories. Since I was 6 or 7 I had a strong desire to be a storyteller of some kind.

Twenty years ago, I was inspired to learn how to write my stories down in a way that other people could read and hopefully enjoy and benefit from them. Ten years ago, I felt I was ready to actually have my writing published in magazines. Five years ago, I started a blog and began writing a book in earnest.

Writing a book in earnest, for me, meant writing and writing and writing and discarding it all! Starting again and writing until I got it right. Twenty years is a long friggin time to work on something and I may have been really discouraged if I had known it would take so long.

There is something sweet about not knowing how things are going to go, even if you think knowing the conclusion of life’s events would be grand. The mystery is much more fun, even though sometimes the ‘fun’ is more like a fun house with scary moments that are jarring to the soul.

When I finished my book and was holding it in my hands… when I read every single word I had written… when I sent out the first batch to family and friends… I knew it was all worthwhile.

Pursuing a dream that feels right in your heart is like that.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say it is ALWAYS like that! It takes time, even if it happens quickly. It takes patience, and sometimes you will lose your patience and resort to 5 year old tactics like throwing a temper tantrum. They say enjoying the journey is what is most important and I agree.  

There is something that is super sweet about a dream coming true… even if it takes 20 years! I believe there are those moments where your heart has led you to an accomplishment that is real in the world. An accomplishment that makes your heart sing.

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