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Psychotherapy & Relationship Coaching to Help You Heal, Grow and Expand

You’re here to have a positive impact in the world, to live a life of purpose and to be open-hearted, authentic and effective in your relationships.

Curtis’s Psychotherapy Services

Stand on Solid Ground

You know the importance of integrity – clearing out your own crap and healing the wounds that hold you back from fulfilling your purpose in the world.

You’re willing to do the work it takes to let go of negative habits, emotions and thoughts and step into your highest, most creative self.

Your goal of working with me as a therapist is to stand on solid ground within yourself and comfortable in your own skin.

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A New You

I’ll teach you how to consistently shift out of fear-based thought, emotion and habits so that you may cultivate love-based experience, inspiration and creative practices. We’ll do this through conversation, exercises and assigned homework.

You will identify your strengths, values, purpose and vision for your life, learn how to be with your greatness without ego interference, and to name the real dream for yourself that you nurture in your heart.

The Most Important Thing

We will design the safe and courageous space for you to be with the hard stuff: old wounds, self defeating patterns, shame, emotional pain, numbing, unhealthy habits and the negative beliefs that limit your joy. You will learn to “Name It To Tame It”.

This Is How I Work

I listen well, discern what’s important and offer practical approaches to healing and managing what’s getting in your way.

I teach you ways to set and maintain strong internal boundaries around the negative thoughts, so that you can create from the positive things you trust. This is the daily practice of shifting out of fear into love.

I bring understanding, wisdom and a sense of humor. I am committed to transparency, truth and integrity. I cultivate courage, positive collaboration and a non-judgmental stance. I like to laugh. I will challenge you to be your best and highest self.

I offer a healing psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families. I also offer relationship coaching when the desire is to grow and expand in relationship.

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Coaching for Individuals

My coaching will take you from good to great, from your zone of excellence to your genius zone, from frustration to fulfillment. It’s a magical, mystery tour with a high purpose.

It’s a collaboration of two powerful people (you and me) that focuses on your life, your relationships and your reason for being alive at this time in the history of the world (aka your life purpose).

We create from your strengths, life purpose, love languages, personal and relationship values, and your deepest dream for having a positive impact in the world.

We name your limited beliefs, inner critic voices and self-sabotaging patterns – all the fears and foibles that get in the way of your fulfillment. We name them to tame them.

We look to what inspires you to move past obstacles and step into your best and highest self.
With that accomplished, you identify your heart’s desire, imagine how it will become your life’s reality and then, step by step, take the creative action that makes it so.

Both Psychotherapy and Coaching are available For Couples and Families

Structure and Pricing

A 3-month Commitment with twice a month in person, Skype or phone sessions. Follow up emails and accountability chats. $300 a month or $900 prepaid

After 3 months $150 a session prepaid

Men’s Alchemy Circle

A weekly conference call for men. We engage in an hour-long conversation on relationship topics that are near and dear to men’s hearts.

Some examples of themes are: Managing Shame, Cultivating Vulnerability, Shifting Out of Triggered Reactivity, Intimacy, Effective Communication, Increasing Positivity (overall as well as during conflict), Visioning and Happiness.

All themes relate to what is going on in a man’s life in that moment. It’s a fun and enlightening experience of personal growth for men.

How It Works & What It Costs

We meet weekly by phone on Saturday mornings at 8:30 am (Pacific Time Zone) on a private conference line.

We ask for an initial three month commitment. The cost is $150/month.

$150/session – single session payment (Available to one and all)


  • 1 session/month: $150
  • 2 sessions/month: $300/month/
  • 4 sessions/month: $600/month

Men’s Alchemy Circles (Requires a 3 month commitment)
$150/month – Subscription

I'd recommend Curtis to anyone

Curtis is both an amazing therapist and coach. We have worked in and out of both modalities over our two years together - the flexibility of his skill set being able to dip into both areas of expertise, as my life has called for each, has been wonderful. I am also a certified coach, and am continuously impressed with his approach and partnership. The results of our work together have been nothing short of life altering. I would recommend him to anyone.

Libbie F. on March 2017

Hire Coach Curtis to win your own Super Bowl

Curtis coached me, weekly or biweekly, for about a year and a half. I am convinced Curtis helped me listen to a small voice telling me to not make a huge mistake and to turn up the volume on another voice singing a song of beauty and lifelong contentment.

I'm not a football fan but I watched the Super Bowl this year. Like everyone else, I was dazzled watching Tom Brady come from behind and pull off the greatest upset in Super Bowl history. It was clearly Brady's talent but you knew a part of it was Belichick's coaching. Working with Curtis is like that.

What was also nice about working with Curtis is that he and I both recognized when I (we) had won and when it was time to quit. I will be forever grateful to Curtis.
5/5 stars

Ben L. on March 2017

Trust & Success!

Mr. Knecht is a most capable, reliant, trustworthy, and successful Psychologist.

I am SO thankful I discovered his brilliant talents and gifts when I was in dire need.

Making that commitment was one of the most important steps I have ever made in my life.
5/5 stars

Richard W. on March 2017

No better guide for leaders, lovers, and livers!

Curtis is warm, empathetic, and firm in his coaching. Just what I need and when I need it!
5/5 stars

Stephen T. on March 23, 2017

Caring Coach

Curtis is a good listener. He provides a "safe" environment for one to explore personal or professional challenges. He comes up with insightful and useful tools that I have been able to use.
5/5 stars

Barbara H. on March 2017

Expert relationship therapist and life changer!!

I owe Curtis so much for all the progress I've made. He has helped me develop a healthy relationship with myself, which needed to be done but I couldn't do it on my own.

Once that happened, like magic, I met the most wonderful man and am using all of Curtis's advice and tools in this relationship. It's been a gift to the relationship actually. I am entering this new relationship from such a confident place and that is making a huge difference.

I couldn't have done any of this without Curtis. I am forever grateful for finding him and feel so lucky To have him on my team. I have learned so much from him and I am finally living As I have always wanted to because of his guidance.

It is my personal opinion that Curtis himself is basically magic! He has a way of explaining what's happening in my life and also helping me discover things for myself in a way that only an expert can. He is kind, patient, funny and warm.

After 3 years of working with Curtis (and will continue to see him indefinitely) I can honestly say I don't know what I'd do without him. I trust him completely.
5/5 stars

Dani B. on March 2017

Try it, You'll like it! 👍🏼

To whom it may concern:

Whether I was dealing with a personal crisis or I was just being coached with the intention of having a more fulfilling life, Curtis was there every step with solid good advice, wisdom and spirituality. I came to realize no matter good or bad happening in my life the first person I wanted to share it with was Curtis, and I always came away from our conversation with a better perspective of my life. Curtis' concept of embracing the hero story or the victim story absolutely has brought so much richness to my life. Ask him about that! Life coaching with Curtis was a way for me to invest in myself and it paid off big time.

Love you lots, Brother!
5/5 stars

Kirk B. on March 2017

The Coach of Coaches

I have known and worked with Curtis for a few months. He has a wonderful sense of putting people at ease, is highly intuitive and can access a level of intuition that makes him a very desirable and personable coach both personally and professionally.
5/5 stars

Clare K. on March 2017